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Friday, November 23, 2012

Rat Infestation, Stellar Turkey Gobblers and Killer Cold Medicine

One of those things is a LIE!

So here's the thing I've noticed. Some of you (my readers), are fickle. Actually, that's not really true. MOST of you require some kind of some strange attention grabbing headline in order to read the article. The article to date that caught the most viewers the fastest; Snot, Diarrhea, Chicken Bones! I know, I know. It's a real mouth watering piece. Especially when I mentioned fecal matter in the first paragraph. How could one resist?

**(I have just realized 12/5 how badly I need to edit this. Late night, Head Cold while on Antihistamines is NOT the ideal time to blog [shrug].)**

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Happy Thanksgiving Rat With Tissues and Cold medicine
Not that the article itself wasn't interesting, but hey! Of course, I think all my articles are interesting. That's like allowing me to 'Like' my own status on Facebook or think my own joke is funny. Of course I do. I wouldn't have said it otherwise. I have an entire page dedicated to Owning What You Say. The premise behind the page is to take ownership of your words. Which is what I try to do here.
Which is a good reason why I probably shouldn't be on here now. Why do you ask? Oh, well I have terrible allergies and I thought yesterday that's what this awful congestion was. I also had no idea what to expect for Thanksgiving this year because last year my daughter rearranged the plans at the last minute. We had plans with family and somehow she ended up out of town, with this very not so nice 'girl'. This same 'girl' was actually around 30 years old (my daughter was 18) had 3 kids and was letting my daughter drive her car. Now if I hadn't mentioned it before my daughter is special needs.
About 2 weeks later my daughter took this "girls' vehicle and wrecked it. [Addendum* My daughter does not have a license and will probably never have one]
Moving on.... We'll talk about that another day.

So getting back to this year. So my daughter returns around midnight last night I let her in and wake up this morning and realize... Oh it's not allergies. So in an attempt not to contaminate anyone else (besides my daughter) I have not left the house. I have stayed here and cooked various things and now I have an entire tissue shared between my two nostils. I know, I realize the sex appeal image that must conjure up for many of you. It's not nearly as sexy as it sounds though. Believe you me.
I have a children's version of cold and cough so I'm not certain how much I should be taking. So I've just been swigging straight from the bottle. I'm not advocating that by the way.
I'm pretty sure already that by the time I see this tomorrow I'll need to go back in and fix some major puncuation, spelling and grammatical errors.
As a side note I just realized from a Facebook post I am not the only one who shoves tissues up their nose to stop it from running! Go Team Tissues! I know completely irrelevent.
So let's move onto bigger issues besides tissues. I'm listening to The Lumineers. Nope that's not it either.
I have been in the midst of all these postpartum mood disorder issues/blogs/hotspots/dysfunction for almost 14 years. I've seen it, I've read it, I've heard it, I've Lived it. Now we're talking about a pendulum that swings from a mom feeling a little blue, teary, sad, overwhelmed with emotion and needed a little extra support. To a mom in full blown psychosis and requiring immediate help because we've seen the extreme's. The mom's who at risk of taking their own life and/or that of their children. It happens. It's happened throughout history. Europeon Countries still have statutes written specifically for mothers in the first year after giving birth. This link shows a wonderful history and outline of research ongoing and past stories.
I know I have said this and I will continue to say it. I started this blog because the ENTIRE time I was going through postpartum psychosis  I desperately wanted someone else who could understand anything close to what I had experienced. I have been looking and looking for years. I have asked around and requested.
When I am in chatrooms and on blog sites, in groups forums I am always on the lookout for people who are speaking out. Looking for the other women who have experienced the loss, Or have been through the legal process. It's been a very lonely 14 years. Finally I thought maybe, just maybe they were waiting for someone to start speaking out as well. So I am. I am talking and I have been fortunate to have a couple women start talking back and I feel so grateful!
I feel so blessed that they found this page and reached out. I want them to now it's not just the moms who end up with the happy endings that get a voice. That get to talk and share their story.
We all get to have a voice, get to talk and share our story.
Even if it's not on a Holiday while you're hyped up on cold medicine and if you hadn't already guessed it... It was the Rat Infestation, I was lying about the Rat Infestation.
Sorry... Maybe another time. I do live near the ocean.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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