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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Altered Immune Cells Seem to Play a Role in Postpartum Psychosis

Jennifer Moyer posted this the other day and I am usually getting updates and constantly trying to stay up-to-date with the latest findings on Postpartum Mental Health issues.

I have seen some of this research making headway before and I have found it very interesting. I myself developed Bacterial Pneumonia within 36 hours of giving birth to my son and if you were to look at my case from 1999 it's a classic case of Postpartum Psychosis. In some ways it's almost textbook, although it wasn't as researched or as well known at the time.
I just touched base with the attorney with whom tried my case and saw me through numerous other court proceedings for my daughter over the course of a decade. We formed a friendship and keep in touch. I also stay in touch with my Psychologist of many years but who has now taken a job with State Forensics Services. I like to run things by the both of them and pick their brains on my case in 1999 versus the improved data.

I am amazed at what a difference 14 years makes and I can only hope that in 14 more years we will have a place in the DSM along with preventive measures for every new mother. Perhaps we'll even go back to the "village" style way of raising a child that seemed so outdated but was so much more successful.

Altered Immune Cells Seem to Play a Role in Postpartum Psychosis

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