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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Living a Life of Postpartum Psychosis

Help us, feel our pain

We are broken and we look around, waiting, begging, dying inside. We look for the arms to wrap around us and bring us to our feet. The Ocean we drive into is a Sea of Desperation. Hold out your arms, lift us up, hang on tight and guide us to the light. All we can do is keep breathing and trying. 

No more tears, we have wept a lifetime of sorrows for motherhood. The aches, the breaks and the tragedies to come. Help us, feel our pain. 
For every woman that the public and media is ready to tar and feather because there isn't Universal Mental Health Screening for every pregnant and Postpartum Woman there are thousands that do receive effective treatment. Does that mean we should allow those woman to continue to slip through
the cracks? No. 
But there needs to be a better understanding for cases of Postpartum Psychosis and Women's Mood
Disorders. The stories the public hears about are the Postpartum Stories that end in tragedy. Why? Well because it sells. 
postpartum psychosis, maternal mental health, natachia barlow ramsey, postpartum depression, suicideI mean I can't blame the public. I read those stories too. I have said over and over that "we" in our own Postpartum Psychosis/Depression/Anxiety community, we do nothing to help ourselves if we perpetuate the ideas that "those" (myself included) moms are different than the moms who did successfully receive treatment. 
I can tell you I am shunned by many in the Postpartum Depression community and when I finally get the opportunity to speak with any of them the most I often get is "well I don't know what to say". As though I speak a different language. I find it to be highly hypocritical that these same people want to advocate and call to justice all those who did not do anything for these "poor" women in their time of need, yet those women are me. So if they are at a loss of words of what to say to me what exactly do they think they are or would say to that woman if given the chance?
I am Miriam Carey and I am standing before you all now. I am Ebony Wilkerson (Mini-van Mom), 15 years later. Speak to me now - say something.

There's a class of women that I remember one very insightful lady blogging about and she got it right on the nose when she said... it was as though saying they had Postpartum Depression got them into some club or something. Without fully realizing the enormity of it. Like it was the new trendy thing to have. 
I remember thinking "Wow, she hit the nail on the head with that one". I am disgusted by it. It diminishes the real and genuine struggle some women are going through and there are many variables with Postpartum Mood Disorders. Especially Postpartum Psychosis. Which is very real, very scary and can lead to real tragedies. It needs to be taken very seriously.
Postpartum Depression, especially left untreated can have unforeseen consequences and tragic outcomes. 

I do need to say this; that as disgusted by this new trendy era of PPD (that's Postpartum Depression for you not in the know); I am even more disgusted by the general public and their "trolling". All of you out there with your pseudonyms (let me save you a step - it means the fake name you use online to hide your true identity) scouring the headlines and just chomping at the bit to get to the comment section and say something oozing with ignorance and common fallacies. Just pouring hatred and judgement into this world as though there isn't enough already.

I use my real name here; Natachia Barlow Ramsey. At least I have found the courage to do that. It's not easy and I decided I will be the person who gets to decide what's put out there about me. Not another "troll". I get to tell my story.

If that means that someone reads this blog and finds inspiration from it, that is wonderful. If they are disgusted but they walk away with just a bit more knowledge and think.. Good lord I Never want to end up like her. Well more power to them and hopefully they will pass that along as well. 

This article was started on my son (Hunter's) birthday. Yeah, it was Tuesday, March 11th; he would have been 15 years old. My mother's birthday was Thursday, March 13th. I've been keenly aware of the dates this week because my appeal briefs were due on the 11th.

Hey, like me, love me, hate me. But I know every single one of you has or had a mother. There's no truer truth than that. So sign the damn petition. 

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~Be Loud, Be Purposeful, Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be Creative, Be Something~

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