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Saturday, April 19, 2014

I call Bullshit

Discrimination and Disgust

This is just a small add-on to my post from yesterday about the "Contest" that Postpartum Support International ran for an International Maternal Mental Health Symbol. Here's the breakdown of the final ten and I will paste my reply to a condescending response on a facebook post-

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My Maternal Mental Health Contest Submission

Just because you pretend something doesn't exist does not mean it isn't real.

Sharon Gerdes with PR and Marketing Chair at PSI on the Board of Directors - Purple Heart, mother/baby Circle

Teresa Twomey Wrote the Book Understanding Postpartum Psychosis And is the Connecticut State Co-Coordinator for PSI - Cowrie Shells

Joy Burkhard who is on the Executive Committee and the Project Director for California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative - Pink Sparrow

Peggy O'Neil Nosti is the founder of The Blue Dot project and works in collaboration with the Postpartum Health Alliance - Blue Dot

Adrienne Griffen is the Founder and Executive Director of Postpartum Support Virginia and State Co-Coordinator for PSI Virginia - Purple Flower

Suzanne Nelson runs support groups for PSI out of New York - Shades of Light Pregnancy and Postpartum Peer Support Group - (Two entries actually) Purple green swoosh and Abstract Butterfly

Out of ten that's 7 that either work directly for PSI or greatly influence them. 70% is not realistic if this were a genuinely fair and indiscriminate contest. I call bullshlt
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There's my post from yesterday explaining why I was upset and today I looked into who made the ten finalists. Thinking I would find something to be not so upset about. Yesterday I was only aware of three of them that were affiliated with Postpartum Support International or linked somehow. Now at least seven. There's 3 I have no idea about. Maybe, or maybe not. I think at least one of them is not. I just don't know

Talk about being sleazy, underhanded, hypocritical, there's not enough adjectives. There's just not enough and I call Bullshit