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Sunday, September 23, 2018


Broken Alliances

Frederick Barlow and Joey Waterman, Natachia Barlow
My Dad (Fred) and Joey

What do you do when the trust you put into people has been broken? What do you do when you have been deceived by people you have given your most valuable treasures to? The people that you entrusted with your heart and happiness? The people who swore to you in front of others, God and the law that they were to be trusted? What do you do when you find out it was a lie and you were being played for a fool?

It's an awful feeling to realize that not only were you deceived, but your family is also hurting because of the selfish acts of another. Someone who claimed to be loving and selfless and wanting to put others before themselves has turned out to be just the opposite. 
For years I defended this person and their motives whenever I heard anything negative and now I feel as though I may have been the one who was wrong the entire time. 
Frederick Barlow and Joseph Preston Waterman, Natachia Barlow
My Dad and Joey
Apparently I have a bad habit of wanting to believe the best in people, so I tend to look past and give second and third, fourth chances. 

My father is hurting so badly right now because of this person and he doesn't deserve to be hurt this way. He has done nothing but show love and gratitude for this family and his great-grandson is being taken from him. Within days of the adoption being finalized, the adopting family went back on every promise they made in order to be able to adopt that little boy. We made an agreement before he was ever placed there and it was that my father was to continue to have ongoing contact and in less than a week of the adoption being finalized, he got a text saying he could not have any more visits with him.

He had an attorney write a letter asking for visits to resume and they have now cut off all contact with any bio family members including myself.
Judy Lewis and Joseph Preston Waterman, Natachia Barlow
Aunt Judy and Joey

Apparently, I pissed them off by sticking up for my father and daring to question why they would cut off visits. 

I was there at my grand-daughters birth. I cut her umbilical cord and they just came down to visit me in South Carolina. But, as much as they have preached about bio family involvement and how important family is, it was all a lie.
Natachia barlow ramsey and Lanah Marie Ramsey
Lanah and Mémé

I was wrong and everything I had been told all these years and the warnings I had gotten were true. I just didn't want to believe them. I thought I knew this family better than that. I thought they really did care about the kids and their welfare more than pettiness and that the relationship we had built over six years and the love I had for all those kids and they had for me meant something. 

Natachia Barlow Ramsey and Joseph Preston Waterman
Joey and Mémé
 It's adoption fraud when you make promises to a bio family in order to adopt a child for financial or personal gain. It's a crime and it hurts on every level. I have emailed several times now with zero response asking for a compromise. Begging for a middle ground and asking why on earth would I suddenly be shut out after six years of continued involvement. My poor father. He lost a grandson 20 years ago when my son died and this selfish family just broke his heart again by stealing the little boy from him that he helped raise and it's ugly and cruel and it's completely uncalled for. I can only imagine what will be next. 

Joey driving with Grampy Fred
Joey pretending to drive Grampy Fred's
Old Lawn Mower

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