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In 1999 I went undiagnosed with Postpartum Depression with Psychotic Features (Postpartum Psychosis). I lost my son. I was tried for his death, was found Not Criminally Responsible and was remanded to the Commissioner of DHHS for years. I finally gained complete freedom in 2008 and in 2012 found my voice to start speaking about what happened. I became the first woman to start speaking publicly about losing a child to Postpartum Psychosis, for myself and other women like myself.
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 I finally found my voice - I am Natachia Barlow Ramsey and this is my story...

You see that posting everywhere. It's a catch all I guess. I started this blog for a lot of reasons. Those are some of them. A variety of things came together this past year that made me realize I can no longer hide and have anonymity. Not in today's world of instant messaging and googling a date before they walk through the door. 
I also stumbled across a hate site that someone put excerpts of old articles you can't actually read and dedicated it to my son. I was appalled. I knew this person and had been friends with them. They never knew me in that time. They have never been to his headstone. They don't go and clean it off every year.  Plus, they took portions of these articles out of context from old motions where you can't even access the actual hearings. Another person spreading ignorance and hate.

So, I thought here's a great opportunity to Actually Help people and talk about what really happens to your mind when dealing with postpartum issues. Reach out to other women like myself and perhaps with other's continue to remove the stigma and ignorance that plague our society. 

We've been making great progress so far. Let's keep going.

Natachia Barlow Ramsey; Surviving Postpartum Psychosis 

Email me at: Natachia@survivingppp.com

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Natachia Barlow Ramsey
*I have moved recently and need to get another PO Box. I am currently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You can still leave me a message at the number below.

(207) 200-6390

I would love to hear from you. I want everyone to have a voice!


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This is the only photo I have left of my son Hunter after the house fire in 2014


  1. I cannot even imagine the grief and horror you have been thru. I commend you for your courage and strength of character in starting this blog site. I wish you continued success and I hope that your nightmares may end.

    1. Tamara,

      Thank you. Hearing kind feedback is encouraging. It's always nice when people reach out and let me know they've read my blog and it meant something to them. I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday Season!

  2. I was a little taken back after reading your story, but then quickly recalled what I am currently going through and began to empathize. Living daily with PPD is no easy task, and I am under the Dr's care. I know what it feels like to kind of "black out" of reality for just a second or minute, or have a meltdown. You're a brave woman to stand up and speak out; not just on your behalf but for others who are going through the same turmoil.

    1. Julie

      I really appreciate the feedback and completely understand being taken back by the read. I believe if I came upon this story I would be as well.